Shared Flights and Crowdfunding

Through the integration of augmented intelligence, XO offers unprecedented efficiency, convenience, pricing, and customization. This groundbreaking technology enables XO to offer industry-leading options for daily Shared Flights on confirmed routes and crowdfunding on global flights.

Our Most Popular Shared Flight Routes

Our New York - South Florida route features up to four daily flights, seven days a week, on a completely refurbished Bombardier CRJ-200 aircraft. Each aircraft has up to 18 individual seats offering both a window and an aisle and includes a curated seasonal food and beverage menu, two cabin hosts,
and complimentary WiFi.

Book individual seats on Shared Flights through the XO mobile app, website, or with a help of an Aviation Advisor. XO Members receive priority seating, improved cancellation terms, and the ability to book for unaccompanied guests.

The XO Shared Flight Experience

Now that you’ve booked your XO shared flight you are cleared for take-off. Here’s what to expect before you get to the jet.

Now that you’ve booked your XO shared flight you are cleared for take-off. Here’s what to expect before you get to the jet.

Before your XO Shared Flight, please check your XO mobile app to ensure that you have your tail number, seating assignment, and private airport (FBO) address (always provided the day before departure). Please make sure to check for any flight updates. 


Arrive at the FBO 30 minutes before takeoff and one of our ground experience representatives will greet you, take your luggage, and let you know when it is time to board.

Just before boarding, a crew member will collect your government-issued ID to ensure all correct parties are welcomed aboard. Once fully checked in, you’ll be escorted to the aircraft for your trip.


Each passenger can bring one checked bag up to 50 pounds to be stored in the luggage compartment and one personal item under your seat.   

Crowdfunding Through XO

Crowdfunding Through XO

XO also offers the ability to create or join crowdfunded flights on select routes — splitting the cost of a private jet charter among several passengers and allowing you to enjoy private travel at a fraction of the usual cost.


You do not need to be an XO Member to create a crowdfunded flight or to book a seat on one.
Simply search our mobile app or website for shared flights for where you want to go and when you want to fly. Book your seat and experience the perks of flying private for less than you ever thought possible. Shared flights are easy to create and free to join.