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XO Delivering Solutions to Private Aviation Supply Shortages

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New York, NY (October 12, 2021) – XO, a Vista Global Holding (Vista) company, meets the extraordinary demand for private aviation by investing in transformative technology that unlocks higher utilization. As the  New York Times recently reported, the need for high-end travel has increased exponentially, and there are not enough planes to serve those looking to fly private. 

While others in the industry struggle with supply, XO delivers solutions to support demand through its shared charter services and flight marketplace—a true technology-driven end-to-end solution for private flyers.

Shared Flights

  • On average, fewer than three passengers are aboard a private aircraft; XO shared flights address this inefficiency by flying ten or more passengers, increasing the efficiency of seating capacity by 230%. Since 2019, XO has flown more than 30,000 passengers through its groundbreaking shared flight technology powered by predictive data science. Shared charter flights have grown more than 100% year-over-year. 
  • Clients can book seats by either reserving a seat on an existing flight or creating a new flight and making unused seats available to purchase on the XO mobile app. This revolutionary product allows the existing supply base of private jets to be used more efficiently, increasing availability and reducing cost for clients— on average, XO Members and clients save up to 10x by booking a seat vs. a traditional private charter.

Flight Marketplace 

  • Unlike most industry-available charter flights, XO delivers flight options instantly bookable from a mobile device, providing global availability on-demand across all cabin classes backed by XO and Vista's Dedicated Fleet of 190 aircraft around the world. This feature is possible through XO's machine learning-based pricing algorithms that scan global availability. This year alone, more than one million search queries were conducted on XO’s mobile and web applications.
  • Beyond its Dedicated Fleet and guaranteed instant booking options, XO connects clients with safety-vetted XO Alliance Fleet Operators via XO’s revolutionary Operator Portal App. This provides aircraft-specific options to clients on over 2,100 aircraft globally to enable seamless searching, quoting, and booking, extending their private flying options beyond the already robust Vista group fleet of 190 aircraft. Clients always have the flexibility to convert their on-demand charter to a shared flight any time post-booking if they choose to sell some unused seats. 


By helping to solve the supply shortage, XO is also delivering environmental benefits through its shared flight technology. XO has conducted over 1,200 shared flights; each flight had an average of 14 passengers; this translates into a potential saving of around 36,000 tons of CO2*. 

"We are proud to prioritize technology and sustainability, and lead the private aviation industry in solving demand and supply issues through innovation, with XO’s expanded shuttle services and crowdfunding capabilities," said Thomas Flohr, Founder and Chairman of Vista. "We continue to execute on our vision of digitizing the entire private aviation offering, delivering to our clients and Members what they want today—speed, reliability, and value."

In addition to its industry-leading Membership offering and team of Aviation Advisors, XO’s unified approach of delivering shared flights, crowdfunding options, solutions for managing aircraft, and an operator portal allows XO to offer its clients all aviation solutions. XO is building the open future for private aviation.

*Calculation based on the assumption that half of those who crowdfunded would have flown private. 


About XO

XO is defining the future of travel, revolutionizing global access to private aviation through its unique shared flights, crowdfunding, Membership programs, elevated service, and groundbreaking technology.

XO is part of Vista Global Holding, the world’s first private aviation ecosystem, integrating a unique portfolio of companies offering asset-light flying solutions to cover all key aspects of private aviation. XO clients have access to the Vista group fleet of over 180 aircraft around the world, in addition to the safety vetted XO Alliance Fleet of more than 2,100 jets, covering the full spectrum of cabin classes. For more information, visit www.flyxo.com

The XO brand comprises a portfolio of companies, including XO Global LLC, XO Assets LLC and Apollo Jets LLC. XO Global LLC, an air charter broker, is not a direct air carrier and does not own or operate any aircraft. All flights will be operated by properly licensed U.S. or foreign air carriers, including XOJET Aviation LLC, Talon Air LLC, Redwing Aeroplane LLC dba Red Wing Aviation, and VistaJet Limited. XO Assets LLC and its related companies beneficially own or lease the XO Dedicated Fleet, except Dedicated Fleet aircraft operated by Talon Air LLC. All aircraft management services are provided by Talon Air, LLC. Shared flights are XO Global LLC Part 380 Public Charters and are subject to XO's Public Charter Operator Participant Agreement. All services are subject to the terms and conditions available at www.flyxo.com/legal. Florida Seller of Travel Ref. No. ST42114.